What kind of trucking do you do?
We are a specialized trucking/delivery/consolidating/distribution company specializing in cut flowers and greenery originating in Miami FL, Peirson FL,and California. We also can handle your pickups and delivery from NY airports and cargo agencies.

What qualifies OTF Express to handle my fresh flower freight.?
An important part of the service we provide is knowing the kind of freight your handling. We have been handling fresh cut flowers and greens for over 3 decades. We understand the importance of proper handling of your valuable freight!

What days can I have my Miami product sent?
6 Days a week.  Monday thru Saturday.

What days would my Miami product be delivered to me?
Depending on your location the product will be delivered to you in 2 or 3 days.

What days can I order from California Suppliers?
Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday

What day would I receive my California flowers?
Your Monday/Tuesday outbound will be delivered to you on Sunday morning your Thursday/ Friday California outbound truck will be delivered to you on Thursday morning.

Can I time my California with my Miami so I can get 1 delivery to my shop?
Yes! For example: With your calculated ordering from the distributors you can have your greens/Miami product and California delivered to you on Sunday and pay only 1 delivery charge!

I have a local wholesale house that I currently buy from why do I need to buy like this?
What On Time Fresh Express provides is an economical way to buy and ship your flowers directly from the source, saving you on your greens and fresh flower purchases not to mention more control over your product in the floral supply chain.

But I have a good relationship with my local wholesale house.
Understandably and you should absolutely not cut them out, your direct buying  can be a supplemental source or as much as you are comfortable with purchasing direct. You will save a substantial amount of money on your direct purchases even after OTF Express charges are calculated into your cost.

Do I need to purchase large volume?
We have no minimums.

Can you recommend any producers or importers that I can contact to purchase directly?
Our sister company APF Miami can assist with sourcing.

Can you pick up my product from the airport(s) or clearing house
Yes we can pick up your freight from we can pick up from JFK, LGA, ISP, EWR. We need the Airline and AWB number.

We can also pick up at Kuehne+Nagel or SBA Consolidators in NY.

What form of payment do you accept ?
We accept your Credit Card or Paypal


Why use OTF Express ?

-Expand your sources

-Buying direct from the producer or importer at a much reduced price

-Maintain cold chain

-Able to ship product in water(procona) The Airlines or FedEx cannot accommodate this